Memory Care Support offers a variety of services to start-up providers, investors and established memory care companies. Operators of memory care can be supported wherever they are in their venture from reviewing design drawings, evaluating possible acquisitions, and assessing ongoing memory care communities for quality and risk.

Memory Care Support will work with your company to design the specific package of tools needed to address your current issues, concerns or opportunities.

A sampling of our comprehensive services includes:

• Review of proposed or current memory care environment for opportunities to improve design
• Assessment of proposed acquisitions or current properties for high-risk care concerns and challenges
• Establishment of a staffing model to ensure quality care
• Mentoring of onsite leadership to increase their awareness and management of quality care to residents
• Establishment of outcomes to measure quality indicators on an ongoing basis
• Training on-site and via conference calls/webinars on quality care issues
• Highlight industry standards and innovations to update
• Development of innovative programming
• Work with sales and marketing teams to improve their tours and better articulate what sets them apart from competitors

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I highly endorse Anne Ellett as a consultant in matters relating to the care of persons with memory impairment. Having worked closely with Anne for over ten years as Senior Vice President of Health Services for Silverado Senior Living, I can attest to her expertise and her ability to teach and train others as well as her empathy for persons with dementia and their families. Her unique style of management inspires staff to perform with competence to the best of their abilities. Her knowledge and skills as a nurse resulted in award winning health care outcomes for our company which specializes in superior care for persons with dementia."
- Stephen F. Winner M.S. - Cofounder/Chief of Culture at Silverado Senior Living


Specialized Dementia Programming

In today’s market, memory care programs are proliferating but very few demonstrate any real expertise in this complex area of senior care. Memory Care Support, LLC will work with your company to develop a specialized dementia program that reflects your specific vision and mission. This program will be unique to your goals and set you apart from your competition.

Development of your own Specialized Dementia Program can include:

• Curriculum materials, workbooks and CD’s, that you can use for on-going staff trainings.
• Marketing materials to support your sales team to articulate what sets your memory care program ahead of competitors
• Focused educational materials on communication techniques for residents living with dementia
• Evaluation tools that can be used to guide your team to accomplish goals
• Specialized training for nurses working in memory care programs
• Mentoring of leadership team members

The Green House Project, an innovator in the long-term care model, has over 200 Green House Homes throughout the U. S. They recognized that the majority of elders in their Homes were living with cognitive changes and contacted Memory Care Support, LLC to create a new approach to support these elders in their journey with dementia.

The Best Life Approach examines the traditional culture in LTC and teaches participants to focus on the accomplishments of people living with dementia (as opposed to their losses and inabilities) thus enabling them to thrive beyond their diagnoses. Training includes specific curriculum for Nurses, direct care staff and Activity Directors.

Best Life has been adopted throughout the Green House Homes and is available as a training program to memory care, assisted living and nursing home communities. 

View the Green House Project website

Tabitha The Green House Project

Development and Operations Consulting

Memory Care Support, LLC is experienced working with established memory care operators and new teams wanting to break into the competitive market.

Services include:

• Evaluation of your current memory care program for strengths and opportunities
• A step-by-step plan to update your programming
• Analysis of competition
• Planning for interior and exterior environments best suited for memory care residents
• Manuals for staff training
• Staffing model and assistance with hiring
• Marketing strategies

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Anne Ellett understands person centered care from the inside out. Whether counseling people living with dementia and their families, or teaching staff how to turn the philosophy into action, she works with exceptional integrity and grace - Dr. Soo Borson, M.D. - Geriatric Psychiatrist at University of Washington


Keynote Speaking and Workshop Facilitation

Anne Ellett, as an experienced leader in long-term care and dementia care, is a requested speaker at conferences and senior living educational events and webinars. Anne has been featured at Argentum, NIC, TALA, CALA, ACHCA, AAGP. Her interactive presentations inspire change and purpose for professionals seeking to create a culture that results in staff engagement and life-affirming care for their memory care residents.

Frequent presentations include:

• Creating a memory care environment that offers choice and dignity
• Resident engagements that focus on abilities not losses
• What does person-centered care really mean?
• Better together – clinical, engagement and culinary departments supporting resident goals for wellness
• Reframe your perspective – looking at dementia as a syndrome instead of a condition
• Create communication with your memory care residents that support their needs.