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About LEAP

Putting the Pieces Together

LEAP is a fresh approach to memory care training, an easy to use, interactive training program that will engage your team to enhance the quality of care for your residents living with dementia?

The LEAP Memory Care Program is a groundbreaking platform that provides all the tools necessary to develop a state-of-the-art dementia care program, enables you to provide compassionate care and set your memory care community apart from competitors.

The LEAP Memory Care Program is a complete training system to prepare you and your team to offer an innovative and quality experience for your residents affected by memory changes. LEAP offers an all-in-one packaged program with trainings and tools in an easy, educational format to enable team members to acquire new techniques, skills and confidence to offer meaningful care to your memory care residents.

The Core Value of the LEAP Memory Care Program is: “Honor the Whole Person.” LEAP goes beyond the traditional care model’s focus on tasks and scheduled activities to recognize that each resident is an individual with personal preferences and abilities. LEAP memory care communities support each resident to maintain their talents and continue to live a meaningful life.

The LEAP Memory Care program is authored by Anne Ellett, N.P., M.S.N. an established thought-leader in dementia care. As a nurse practitioner who specializes in dementia care, Anne understands that without providing adequate training and education, creating quality memory care is not possible.

LEAP Program Elements

  • Leadership

    Leadership sets the culture for great care. Many dementia training programs are written only for the direct-care staff, ignoring the importance of partnership and collaboration between all team members, including department leaders with their entire team. LEAP offers 2 1-hour trainings developed specifically for leadership team members.  With an overview of the LEAP program, leaders will have an increased understanding of what the resident with dementia is experiencing and how to support their teams to be successful.  Inefficiencies and care missteps can be avoided with focused training for all departments.

  • Engagement

    LEAP provides tools to engage the residents, encouraging each resident to have purpose and be successful.  All team members are part of the Engagement team, collaborating to support each resident’s individual interests.

  • Approach

    Staff understands that resident actions are forms of communication to be listened to and understood.  Individual preferences and daily rhythms are honored. 

  • Positive impact

    As we focus on the retained talents and interests of each resident, instead of seeing only their cognitive losses and inabilities, we perceive them from a more positive perspective.  LEAP communities offer opportunities for memory care residents to use their abilities and experience a more normal and meaningful life.

LEAP Monthly Curriculum

The LEAP program includes exclusive modules specifically written for Executive Directors and other leadership positions.

The specialized learning materials are designed to prepare leaders to effectively deliver LEAP trainings and to support direct care staff with modules that can be delivered by any team member with easy-to-follow Facilitator guides and interactive questions/activities to engage the learners.

A complete package of training modules is delivered to your community at the beginning of each month. The package contains materials for a one-hour training and all the tools necessary to make it an engaging and rewarding learning activity.

In addition, a calendar of training subjects is published six months in advance for advanced preparation. With our library of developed modules, we are able to develop additional materials for your community’s specific needs.

We’ll also provide you with access to webinars on LEAP topics at no additional cost with your annual subscription to our training modules.

Leadership modules include:

Role of leadership in setting the culture for better care
Overview of LEAP Program and philosophy of care.
Common care challenges for Memory Care in Assisted Living

Modules designed for Direct Care Staff include:

Specific topics offered in one 60-minute training or in 3, 20-minute segments.
Each training module is complete with its own sign-in sheets, handouts, quizzes, and Keys for Caring (tips for success).
Each module is taught in an interactive way, prompting the staff member to think about care challenges and how to meet the needs of the resident with an individualized approach.
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Advantages of LEAP

LEAP is a resource to separate your community from your competitors.

The demand for senior living to provide quality memory care is growing due to demographics and increased expectations by prospective customers. Families searching for a care environment for their loved one look for more than a safe and clean environment. They look for leadership, trained staff and an environment that will provide quality of life and support their loved one with dignity throughout their entire journey with dementia.

LEAP goes beyond the traditional care model’s focus on tasks and scheduled activities to recognize that each resident is an individual with personal preferences and abilities. LEAP memory care communities support each resident to maintain their talents and continue to live a meaningful life.

Benefits include:

Ease of use – every month a complete packet of training materials is delivered to your Community, complete with Facilitator Guide, Sign-in sheets, Handouts and Keys to Quality tips for delivering great care.
Engages team members – trainings are interactive and fun.
Recognizes that quality memory care is complex, not easy to deliver.
Most current on-line trainings have outdated materials and perpetuate stereotypes of people living with dementia.
In this time of scarce resources, effective training is critical for quality of care and staff retention. LEAP is cost effective and will ensure your memory care community gets the best value from their dementia trainings.
Studies show that the majority of residents living in Assisted Living have memory changes.
Flexible training schedules - training materials can be taught in 1-hour or broken into 3-20 min. trainings, depending on what works best with your Community’s schedule.
LEAP materials are relevant for all departments – direct care staff, activity, culinary, clinical and leadership.
LEAP is innovative and demonstrates how to offer dignity, safety and meaningful life to your residents.
Has focused training materials on specific topics such as engagements, dietary, fall-prevention and well-being.
Monthly training materials can be customized to the specific needs of your Assisted Living community.

LEAP Pricing

Subscription to LEAP training program is available for $90/month which includes a complete curriculum packet with Facilitator Guide, Handouts and Cues for Caring for 60 minutes of staff training each month.

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