Pioneer Network Annual Conference

Posted on July 28, 2015 by Anne Ellett

There’s an exciting event happening next week for those of us interested in change in long-term care. The Pioneer Network’s annual conference is in Chicago Aug. 2 - 5th.  Pioneer Network is a national coalition of people interested in changing the culture of aging and how the aged are cared for.  As advocates for older people, they are working for changes that allow the choices of older individuals to be respected, whether they live in their homes or in a nursing or community facility.  Their upcoming conference is all about culture change in long-term care.  

One of Pioneer Network’s Initiatives includes setting standards for person-centered training on dementia care.  Person-centered care moves away from impersonal, fragmented and regimented care towards care that includes the psychosocial, spiritual as well as the physical being. 

Imagine an environment where the caregivers are trained to stop and listen and validate instead of walking on past that person affected by dementia who is holding out their arms? A friend of mine who recently toured a nursing home told me he was so saddened by the tour director who focused entirely on him, ignoring the pleas of the residents for assistance.  While trying to impress him with their compassionate care, the director disregarded the needs of the residents.  My friend is continuing to look for a better place for his mother to reside.

There is free live-streaming from the Pioneer Network conference next week Aug. 3 and 4th.  Tune in and listen to a few sessions:

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